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Faculties and Departments

The University's Faculty and Departmental buildings are spread over a large number of sites, and some departments have more than one building or facility. Please check the website of the Faculty or Department you're visiting to find specific directions and other visitor information.

Find a Faculty or Department website

日韩在线_在线日韩日本国产亚洲_日韩视频一中文字暮_首页Accessibility information for Faculties and Departments is available in our .

Museums and collections

The University has nine museums and collections which are open to the public throughout the year and run many events and exhibitions.

Find out about the museums and collections

日韩在线_在线日韩日本国产亚洲_日韩视频一中文字暮_首页Accessibility information for museums and collections is available from .


All College chapels are open to the public at select times and most of the Colleges also open to visitors. Their buildings are places where students live and study and academics work, so some areas are private. Colleges may have more than one site, so please check the website for the College you're visiting for specific directions.

日韩在线_在线日韩日本国产亚洲_日韩视频一中文字暮_首页Please note that some Colleges charge an entrance fee and access may be limited at certain times of year – especially during the third term of the year (Easter Term) when many students sit exams.

What's on

日韩在线_在线日韩日本国产亚洲_日韩视频一中文字暮_首页Find out about events open to the public at . The following major events occur each year:

  • (March)
  • (September) - including the Bridge the Gap walk
  • (October–November)